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The Ability to Support All Facets of Alzheimer’s Disease

Compassionate Assisted Living and Memory Care in Stone Oak

The Ability to Support All Facets of Alzheimer’s Disease

Senior Living Memory Care Stone Oak San Antonio

Did you know that Sodalis Senior Living offers extensive, individualized memory care? You may be surprised to hear that other senior living facilities often refer seniors with very unique (and sometimes challenging) needs to us.

Sodalis Memory Care residences are not just a senior living facility with extra support. They’ve been designed specifically for patients with dementia, Alzheimer’s and other memory-related diagnoses. Our intimate home-like residences are staffed by well-trained, caring staff, 24 hours per day. The staff are there to remind seniors to attend to their regular needs like:

  • Taking medication
  • Grooming
  • Eating nutritiously
  • Toileting

The home-like residences make all seniors feel at home and at ease. Safety is of utmost importance; all locations are secured and include 24 hour surveillance.

Although each community is secured, memory care seniors will not feel restricted. Each location has a variety of common areas that are large, bright and open enough to allow them to walk, roam and relax freely without getting lost or hurt.

The experts at Sodalis have created a program that meets all of each senior’s needs. Besides 24 hour monitoring, a supportive staff and an inviting environment, each Sodalis location offers varied daily meals that are healthy, wholesome and home-cooked. Physical activities, social events and games are designed to keep seniors mentally active.

But what makes Sodalis Memory Care a leader is our ability to support the most challenging cognitive deterioration cases. Because of our years of experience and knowledge on cognitive disorders, we can provide compassionate care for conditions and behaviors that other facilities are not equipped to handle. Here are three examples:

Memory Care Residents With Claustrophobia

One of the most common neurological symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer’s is claustrophobia. According to alzheimers.org, seniors with dementia may no longer have access to previous coping strategies that help them navigate difficulties, making the feeling of being enclosed, or claustrophobia, intense.

The feeling of overwhelm sometimes leads to difficult behaviors like anger or frustration. To minimize the already stressful feeling, all Sodalis Memory Care facilities are designed with large, open common spaces. According to staff, difficult behaviors often stop after moving in to the larger, more open Sodalis community.

Memory Care Residents That Have Decreased Mobility and Agility

As neurocognitive function declines, so does visual and spatial ability. This means that a senior with dementia or Parkinson’s may be prone to fall more often, or even feel frustrated in crowded corridors where they feel like they can’t navigate well.

Sodalis Memory Care communities feature extra wide hallways and paths with smooth surfaces for ease of movement. Residents who are considered fall risks will appreciate the easier to navigate walking areas.

Residents With Behavioral Issues Due to Dementia

Some disorders like Frontal Temporal Dementia create acute behavioral issues. Many memory care communities will not admit a resident with that type of diagnosis. Our experienced staff understands how to work compassionately with residents diagnosed with disorders that create behavioral issues with a goal of diminishing or eliminating the negative behaviors.

If you’re curious to find out more about our Sodalis Memory Care communities, contact us or come visit one of our conveniently located memory care communities. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.