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Reinventing the Senior Living Experience: The History of Sodalis Living

Compassionate Assisted Living and Memory Care in Stone Oak

Reinventing the Senior Living Experience: The History of Sodalis Living

Sodalis Assisted Living and Memory Care originated as AlzCare, LLC in 1998. Mark Rushing and a partner set out with a mission to provide a person-centered care setting more like living at home than that of a large and impersonal institution.

Their first facility was a small, licensed and certified memory care and assisted living cottage with sixteen beds. Over the next few years, Mark and his partner opened another seven 16-bed communities across Texas.

Innovative Ideas Lead to Expansion

As the Senior Living industry continued to change, Mark realized that Sodalis needed to shift toward larger assisted living communities. A larger facility could offer a better continuum of care, longer resident stays and all the amenities that seniors wanted and needed.

In 2009, Sodalis implemented the concept by operating a 46-unit general assisted living community in Garden Ridge. Building on its success, Sodalis added two 22 bed memory care communities in 2014 in Buda and Dripping Springs, managed on behalf of Provident Memory Care Group.  

As Sodalis expanded towards its new vision, Shawn Corzine, who had joined the Sodalis Executive Team in 2013, was promoted to CEO in order to lead Sodalis into the future.

One of the first steps Shawn took was to expand the capacity of the Executive Leadership Team and the systems needed to handle the future growth. A new software system was implemented containing CRM, Electronic Medical Records, Point of Care, and a General Ledger to handle multiple entities. To meet the growth in staffing, a new payroll system was established as well as new Policies and Procedures.

Sodalis Acquisitions

In 2016, Sodalis converted the Buda location from a managed facility to a Sodalis-owned community through a real estate partner. The same partner is currently constructing a 48 unit assisted living facility that Sodalis will lease to complement the existing memory care building.  

In 2017, Sodalis Stone Oak was completed and opened to provide 65 units of premier assisted living and memory care in the San Antonio area. Sodalis also owns 33% of the real estate and operations of an 82 unit assisted living and memory care building under construction in Prosper, Texas, which is expected to be completed in January of 2018.

Sodalis Today

With a solid development team now in place, Sodalis is ready to take the next four steps in its growth plan:

  • Move Stone Oak to stabilization.
  • Add the Buda and Prosper buildings to better serve more seniors.
  • Grow the corporate office with the best, seasoned senior living professionals in the country to establish a senior living company that truly is on the cutting edge.
  • Find and build new locations in other growing markets.

What Sets Sodalis Apart

We recognize that the demographics of seniors has changed with the aging of the Baby Boomer population. Our CEO is developing a strategy that will meet the wants and needs of this new generation of seniors and set Sodalis apart from the crowd of senior living competitors.

The Baby Boomers are the first generation of seniors that are comfortable with changing technology. Just a couple of years ago, residents did not have cell phones or computers. Today, most residents own and use smartphones, computers and tablets.

Sodalis is investing in new technologies for both residents and staff. Since we believe that technology will be one of the driving factors that sets our communities apart from the others, Sodalis is planning to add a Chief Technology Officer to the Executive Team, a position that is an industry first.

The new generation of seniors also have a different approach to food than previous seniors. Many of our current residents lived in rural areas where food was centered around home cooking for basic sustenance. The new generation of seniors have a sophisticated palate and eat out several times a week, regularly watch the Food Network and consider themselves “foodies”.  Sodalis intentionally creates Sodalis-signature dining spaces and menu plans that will provide a unique culinary experience for discriminating residents.  

Our team is strategically overhauling our Engagement Program to provide a different focus of activities in our senior living communities to evolve with the changing tastes and preferences of seniors today. Most senior living communities provide activities that are much like those of a cruise ship. However, Sodalis believes that just because a person gets older, their desire to try new things or to be needed and useful does not diminish.

Besides activities designed to enhance our residents’ physical and emotional well-being, our desire is to create memorable experiences and opportunities for our residents to use their gifts and talents not only for entertainment but philanthropically to impact the lives of others.

We want to create a place where former teachers can host an after-school tutoring program, where former business leaders can share their wisdom with young entrepreneurs and where our residents can come together to serve at a food bank.

The Future

3 projects will break ground in 2018 and open in early 2019. The visionary new 92 apartments were designed by one of the leading senior living architects in the business and will be located in College Station, Deer Park and Leander.   

The team is currently researching other potential growth markets for its next three locations. The plan is to add between 3 to 5 new communities over the next 5 to 7 years across the U.S. in target locations.

Sodalis is laying the groundwork to create a Senior Living Company that is unparalleled in design, person-centered care, amenities, and technology. We’re creating a place where our residents come to live, not to die.