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Every day you walk by our big water bottle by the wine bar, yet I don’t see as many people drinking from it as I’d like. Why do I care? Because hydration is the key to your fitness, happiness, and memory. Just think about these benefits to drinking water: Water regulates our body temperature, keeps our joints lubricated, helps prevent infections and delivers nutrients to our cells. What’s more, Water makes up about 60% of your body’s weight, and although you can survive without food for weeks, dehydration can kill you within days or even hours, depending on the temperature and your environment.

I’m a big drinker of soda and coffee, which isn’t good at all. Soda has been shown time and time again to promote obesity, poor health, and even dementia. Caffeine, which of course is in soda and coffee, is a natural diuretic, which mean that it will dehydrate you more and more.

So, here’s my challenge to everyone: have your coffee in the morning ( I know I can’t live without it) but strive to drink at least eight ounces of water per day. Drink it when you take your medications, drink one with lunch, before/during/after exercise, and one in the evening. Before you know it, you’ll be as hydrated as a cucumber!


Rochelle began working with Sodalis in 2013.  She states that she loves working as a med-tech supervisor and caregiver on the overnight shift.  She has a passion for her residents and believes that spending time with them is her everyday blessing. 

Rochelle grew up in a military family and was able to travel the world.  Throughout her years she was active in gymnastics and dance; including being on the varsity team at Andrews High School, in El Paso.

She attended El Paso Community College, followed by Lamar University, in Beaumont, Texas.  She majored in dance education and Fine Arts.  She is active in tap, ballet, jazz, rhythm, and modern dance.  After returning to El Paso, she worked as an aerobics instructor and personal trainer.  She helped open a health club, and even competed in bodybuilding competitions. Rochelle moved to Dayton, Ohio to take care of her grandparents, and had her first caregiving experience and she’s been hooked ever since.   Rochelle has had job experiences in accounts payables and as a new account clerk but working at Sodalis has by far been her greatest joy. Currently, Rochelle shares her experience in dance, and comes in every other month with her church to do spiritual dancing, sharing her message that God has allowed her to pass on.


Nancy was born on February 27, in San Antonio Texas.  She married and had two children and briefly lived in McAllen, working at Southwestern Bell Telephone Company for four years.  She returned to San Antonio completing 32 years for the company.  In her time at Southwestern Bell, Nancy had several impacts.  A memorable one is when she had to work with the secret service to secure lines for both, Pope John Paul II in 1987, then with George H.W. Bush in 1988 as he served as Vice-President. Each took about a year to prepare for, but it included providing security and ensuring the phone lines that they used were not tampered with.  This would ensure that the private line would go directly to the president.  Over time, she received many awards for her time at Southwestern Bell, including Outstanding Woman Award in 1987.  Soon after retirement, Nancy opened her own business, a gift basket service, for 20 more years.  She worked with the Business Chamber of Commerce in San Antonio, winning the Business woman of the Year.  Nancy traveled all over the world and volunteered her time.  She moved in with Sodalis in July of 2018.  She continues to give back to the community with her kindness and is always ready to help others.  We our truly happy that she calls Sodalis her home!


Assisted Living VS Living at Home

Just because your loved one is aging doesn’t mean that their independence is fading.  Most seniors feel even more strongly about their independence and not wanting to feel like a burden on your family.  Assisted Living allows them to receive inconspicuous supportive care which is tailored specifically for their needs, goals, and health concerns which in turn will make them feel more independent than living at home.


In an Assisted Living, there is no shortage of social activities.  These daily activities help bond new friendships by engaging in cards, BINGO, happy hours, art classes, book clubs etc. Staying at home limits interactions and can stiffen their communications to their friends and family.


It is important for seniors to have a balanced meal.  Shopping and cooking are strenuous activities for some seniors and in some cases, dangerous.  Some seniors also require a special diet and/or restriction.  In Assisted Living, all meals are provided, and the kitchen staff ensures they follow any meal instructions for everyone.  Having your loved one at home heightens the risk of danger and/or unbalanced meals.


As we grow older, the ability to drive safely diminishes.  With Assisted Living communities, there is usually scheduled transportation available for the residents for their doctor, dentist and shopping.  This leaves the driving and safety in our hands, not theirs.  The need for transportation when living at home can be hard to schedule or relying on others might fall through.


Basic housekeeping and laundry are a must in any home.  In Assisted Living, the work is done for you!  Cleaning and laundry require a lot of strength and endurance and a senior must be in excellent shape to keep up.  We offer these services so you can just sit back and socialize, dine or mingle with your neighbors.  The risk of doing daily chores are greater at home and could fall into a dangerous situation.


Assisted Living follows doctor recommendations of daily physical activities and exercise regimen.  It is important to keep up exercise and movement to encourage a healthier lifestyle.  This kind of activity would be difficult for those living at home and not having that daily support.

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCEAssisted Living has staff 24/7 to assisted and manage daily activities or emergency situations. Often staff is just a step away from those who need them.  Residents have a pendent in case there is a need for help and trained staff are there to accommodate and get the additional help when needed.  When at home alone, there is not that second set of eyes, daily check ins and overall wellness plans. 

An Assisted Living will give your family peace of mind and your loved one a happier healthier life.

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