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Is It Too Late To Move Mom or Dad Into Assisted Living or Memory Care?

Compassionate Assisted Living and Memory Care in Stone Oak

Is It Too Late To Move Mom or Dad Into Assisted Living or Memory Care?

One of the biggest regrets we hear from the children and caretakers of a senior is that they wished they had moved their mom or dad into a senior living community or memory care facility sooner. Many felt that they had waited too long to make the decision and their loved one was not in the best of physical or cognitive health to participate in the activities and social aspects that a community has to offer.

Although it’s never too late to move a loved one into an assisted living community, time is of the essence. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t put off such an important decision any longer:

1. Seniors Who Participate In Activities and Social Engagement Stay Sharper Longer

Living in the right assisted living community or memory care facility with plenty of opportunities for activities and social experiences can extend a senior’s memory health. A six-year Harvard study tested whether social integration and activity can protect against memory loss and other cognitive disorders among elderly adults. They found that, “Memory among the least [socially] integrated declined at twice the rate as among the most integrated.”

2. Seniors That Age In Place Are More Likely To Be Depressed

Aging in place means that a senior remains in the same home they have lived in for many years. Although the idea sounds positive, a senior can no longer keep up at the same pace they once did. Maintaining a larger house and continuing in the daily activities they once did can be difficult or impossible. The empty nest can also be upsetting to your loved one as every area of the home brings back memories of what once was there.

Giving up on the idea of aging in place may free the senior from the burdens of their old life, leading to better mental health. A recent study on depression in older adults found that, “When older adults with functional limitations allow themselves to withdraw effort and commitment from goals that are no longer attainable, they have less chance of depression.”

3. Your Elder Loved One Will Be Safer and More Secure In An Assisted Living or Memory Care Facility

Memory care and senior living facilities tend to be more secure than a home or apartment. As seniors age, falls happen more often. Older adults are also more vulnerable to crime because they have trouble staying aware of their surroundings or determining the motives of strangers.

Seniors suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s have special safety needs. Because they can be forgetful, they may venture out and get lost or wander. Knowing that they are monitored by trained professionals can add to your peace of mind.

At Sodalis Senior Living and Memory Care, community grounds and entrances are monitored. There is round-the-clock security, staff and a nurse. All apartments are also equipped with emergency call buttons to summon immediate assistance for a health or safety issue.

4. The Proper Nutrition Today Works Wonders For A Senior’s Health Tomorrow

Cooking requires time, skill and a commitment. Cooking for one can be more of a chore than it’s worth, leading to seniors having irregular meals. Poor nutrition causes illness. For a senior with memory limitations, cooking can be downright dangerous as fire hazards like forgetting to turn the stove off can be more common.

Many communities like Sodalis staff chefs that create varied, exciting and nutritious meal plans that are designed to provide the optimum nutrition. And it’s not just about the excellent, nutritious meals. Residents often find that mealtimes are the most enjoyable times of the day and an opportunity to socialize with their community friends.

5. Most Important of All, Seniors that Transition Into the Right Memory Care or Assisted Living Facility Are — Happy

A report by the American Seniors Housing Association found that most seniors that moved into a community found the experience to be better than they expected. So don’t hesitate in making the right choice for your loved one. It’s likely you’ll both be pleased with the decision.