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Gift Ideas for Seniors

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Gift Ideas for Seniors

Buying gifts for your aging loved ones requires thought. They have probably downsized and given away a lifetime of accumulated items. So a gift has to be both mindful and useful, while showing that you thought of them and care.

At Sodalis, we’ve thought about their unique and special needs and came up with five gift ideas for seniors that would be well used and much appreciated.

1. Blankets

One of the most appreciated holiday gifts for seniors is a blanket. Seniors tend to feel chilly, especially in the winter months. There are a variety of blanket options available. Here are four types of blankets that may be best for your loved one:

Weighted Blankets

A weighted blanket has heavy points in it to create pressure on a person’s body. A 2008 study showed that weighted blankets were safe and effective for decreasing anxiety in patients with dementia or other conditions by creating a form of pressure therapy.

Lap Blankets

If your senior spends long periods of time sitting or uses a wheelchair, a lap blanket would be much appreciated to keep their legs warm. They are sized just right so they keep the lap area and legs warm without dragging on the ground.

Heated Throws

For seniors who get cold easily, a heated electric throw may be perfect. The throw blanket size is small and portable and can be used to warm the upper body or lap area on particularly cold days. For safety, look for a heated throw with a timer or one that shuts off automatically after a certain period of time.

Custom Photo Blankets

Walmart can create custom photo blankets for as little as $31. Simply submit your loved one’s favorite photos and Walmart will print them onto the blanket. A photo blanket is like two gifts in one. Your senior can enjoy seeing photos of family as the blanket warms both the body and the heart.

2. Large-Print Books, Activities and Puzzles

According to a study, keeping the mind active has been scientifically proven to delay memory decline due to dementia or Alzheimer’s. But as seniors age, their eyesight and motor skills may make it difficult for them to read small type, fill in tiny crossword puzzle boxes or manipulate smaller objects. Look for large-print reading books, crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles to keep your beloved senior engaged and entertained.

3. Cozy Slippers

A nice pair of slip-on house shoes will keep an elder warm and comfortable. A slip-on style also makes it easy for them to put on and take off without too much effort. When shopping for a pair of slippers for a senior, make sure the sole is made with a non-skid material for safety. Memory foam inserts are a bonus, since they provide extra cushion and support.

4. Gift Certificates for Beauty Salon Treatments and Respite Care

Being home all day can be a lonely experience for a senior. Why not provide them with a weekly activity day at a local Sodalis Senior Living Community? They can make new friends, participate in engaging activities specially designed for their wellbeing and enjoy delicious chef-prepared meals. Sodalis offers gift certificates for respite care days and for hair, manicure and other beauty treatments at the Sodalis salons. For more information or to purchase a gift certificate, contact your community’s Executive Director.

5. Scrapbooks

A photo album is often a treasured item for a senior. Why not turn the traditional photo album idea into a fun, interactive activity? Instead of gifting your loved one with a simple album, gift them a scrapbook filled with their favorite photos. Include a scrapbook craft box that the senior can use to decorate and embellish the photo pages. Better yet, take the time to scrapbook together and reminisce about past memories.

When thinking about gift ideas for seniors remember that the thought counts far more than the actual gift. Take the time to think of what your senior may need or appreciate most before you gift them with something. Quite often, the time you spend with them is far more valuable than anything you can buy, so make sure you make time for your elder loved one.

The team at Sodalis Senior Living wish you and your loved ones a warm, wonderful Christmas holiday. May it be filled with love, togetherness, good health and cheer.